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Threatening Law Enforcement Charge Dismissed

Despite engaging in harassing behavior and making threats toward an officer, the client received timely intervention and the required support, including counseling. Taking accountability for their actions, the client also composed a letter of apology. Consequently, the case was dismissed, ensuring that the client did not obtain a criminal record and was spared from any jail time.

Weapons Charge Dismissed

We helped a client facing accusations of a weapons charge in Texas. Concerned about potential incarceration and the detrimental impact on their employment due to a criminal record, the client sought our assistance. Fortunately, our skilled attorneys successfully negotiated an agreement with the prosecution. As part of the deal, the weapons charge was dismissed on the condition that our client surrendered the weapon in question. This outcome allowed our client to avoid jail time and the burden of a criminal record.

Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

At our firm, we represented a client who faced charges of domestic violence. The client had been experiencing significant stressors in his life, and during this particular incident, his behavior was atypical due to alcohol consumption. Leveraging our legal expertise, our attorneys successfully obtained a dismissal of the case. However, this dismissal was contingent upon the client’s commitment to attending alcohol treatment and engaging in counseling sessions with his wife and family. By taking these steps, our client aimed to address the underlying issues and work towards positive change within his personal life and bypass jail time and a criminal record.

Evading Arrest Charge Dismissed

In moments of intense emotions, it is not uncommon for individuals to make seemingly illogical decisions, such as fleeing from law enforcement out of fear. Recently, we represented a client who faced charges of evading arrest after fleeing on foot during a police stop. Despite having no prior criminal record or legitimate motive to run, the client’s actions were purely driven by panic. Leveraging our legal expertise, our attorneys successfully had the charges dropped by advocating for our client’s participation in counseling and commitment to staying out of trouble. By addressing the underlying fear and ensuring compliance with the law, our client was able to move forward without the burden of jail time or a criminal history following him around for the rest of his life.

Interfering with Public Duties and Investigation.
Facing charges of interfering with public duties and investigation is a common occurrence when individuals become involved in police questioning or arrests. What may initially appear as innocent interference can quickly escalate into a more serious matter.

Recently, our firm defended a client, a spouse who became upset when her husband was arrested and attempted to intervene. The incident took place in the entertainment district. However, thanks to the unwavering determination of our attorneys, the charges against our client were dropped. As a result, our client was spared from jail time and the burden of a criminal record. Our firm’s dedication to our clients played a pivotal role in achieving this favorable outcome.

Aggravated Assault Charge Reduced

Our firm provided defense for a client who was involved in a physical altercation at a bar. An aggravated assault charge carries severe consequences, including potential jail time and a permanent criminal record. However, our attorneys skillfully negotiated with the prosecution to secure a favorable resolution.

By arranging for our client to seek professional help and participate in anger management classes, we were able to reach an agreement. As a result, the prosecution agreed to reduce the charge and ensure that our client would not be subjected to any jail time.

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